Preserving Flowers with Sand

Fresh flowers are loved by all this is something commonly known but flowers are loved a lot even when they are not fresh ad preserved in form of dried flowers to form beautiful dry floral arrangements. There are numerous different ways of preserving flowers for making dried floral arrangements and one of very unique one is when flowers are dried and preserved under sand. Here is a complete guide for you as to how you can dry up your flowers using sand and than arrange them to form a very creative floral arrangement.

  •  You will first of all need an open bud or a bud that is just about to bloom. Cut it in a way that you remain as close as possible to the bloom like leaving around just inch or a half from the bottom of the bloom. You do not have to keep the stem with you.
  •  Now get the fresh, dry sand for drying up your flowers. If you feel that the sand is not dry leave it spread well under the sun so it completely dries. It can be beach sand, river sand or any other dry type of sand. But make sure that this sand have to be very fine and should not have any rocks or shells. It may be filtered one too.
  •  Spread the sand in a cool dry place like a garage or an attic. Place the sand over a place where it will not disturb you as it will take a long time in drying up. Now when you have spread it put the flower over it and bring sand around the flower as much as possible and than slowly cover the whole flower with the sand. Now once your flower is completely covered with sand leave it to dry for 3 to 4 weeks.
  •  Once the time is up, look out for the dryness of your flowers. You need to be very careful when taking out the flowers because the sand drying would have made your flowers a little more delicate. If your flower has dried and preserved well take it out or in other case you may have to leave it in for few more days.
  •  After your flowers are dried up you can take them out for making your flower arrangement and you may use floral wire to make stems for your flowers and here you are ready to prepare a very beautiful dry flower arrangement yourself.

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