Preparing Cut Flowers Food At Home

Flowers are the most beautiful thing on this earth whether they are on the plants or in form of cut flowers. Till the time the flowers are on their plants we do not need to worry much about their food and nutrients they need but as soon as they are being cut off the plant and used to decorate the places inside home from their starts the need to provide them with essential nutrients to keep them alive for longer periods of time. It doesn’t matter if the flowers are being taken from your own garden, you’ve got those as gift from someone or you’ve bought them yourself from a flower shop, in all cases you will definitely need to provide your flowers with the food so that they are not wilted the very next day. Flowers are like a vibrant life inspirations when they are around bringing on all the positive impacts on your moods and thus on the work that you will do whole day. So make a bouquet of flower a reason to make all things good in your daily life for longer period of time by providing proper environment for long lasting.

Sometimes it just happens that people do not have flower food and preservatives available commercially at their homes so you can just make one of your own and keep your flowers fresh with it too.

  1.  You can prepare your homemade preserver and flowers food by taking two teaspoons full of sugar, half teaspoon of chlorine bleach, and one fourth teaspoon of alum and add it to a quart of lukewarm water that is at around 100 to 110 degree Fahrenheit.  Well there is an alternate too if you do not have alum with you, you can add two table spoon of white vinegar too to the mixture. Now mix all the ingredients well to dissolve and mix in water equally and than pour it into the container or the vase in which you want to put your flowers.
  2.  Now you will have to strip off any leaves of the stems of flowers that may get into the water filled in the vase by you. This is done in order to avoid the formation of bacteria because the flowers may decay while staying in water. Now hold the stems in your hands and keep them under running water to cut it at 45 degrees angel at bottom with a sharp knife or scissors.
  3.  Now immediately with wasting a moment you will have to place the flowers in the vase with flower food mix so that the air bubbles do not form within the vessels of stem that may stop it from taking nutrients up to the flower. This is for what the cutting at the bottom of stem is being done.
  4.  You will have to replace the mixture as soon as you observe it becoming cloudy or discolored and its better to refresh it every 2 days and every time do cut around 1/4th of an inch of stem at the bottom too the same way by keeping it under running water.

Save your flowers for longer period of time and feel the happiness for saving it with home techniques and remedies used.

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