Morning Glory

Modern life has caused one problem to everyone and that is stress and tension. Many people now deal with problems on a daily basis like; work deadlines, parenting struggles and relationship challenges within the time period of a day. Flowers have been proven to relieve stress, plus beautify your home or office at the same time. Flowers are not only stress-busters; they evoke feelings of compassion, enthusiasm and energy – giving you a reason to start your day off right. Use flowers strategically and intelligently to curb your stress. Like in everything else, in flowers too colors play a vital role.

Red color is all about energy and vitality. As red is intense color so its not a good idea to use all red flowers but this greatly depends over you if you like red flowers or not. Red flowers can also have positive meanings when used in moderation – love, enthusiasm and exhilaration. Red will definitely provide with extra lift of energy and it’s perfect to be used at night. Suitable place to keep red flowers is living room or dining room where they will stimulate the conversation. It’s good to keep them in a way where you can see them by the lamp light which will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Yellow color communicates happiness and is associated with sunshine and summer. Yellow is believed to excite nerves and decontaminate the body. Yellow flowers such as tulips, lilies and roses are used to illustrate new opportunity and growth. Using yellow flowers in a mixed bouquet can help you achieve feelings of joyfulness, but be careful not to over do it, for the color yellow is also known to aggravate frustration. You should place yellow flowers in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. Placing yellow flowers in hallways, entryways and small spaces can make your house feel more open and airy. Use yellow flowers in congested areas to relieve stress because that would make the space appear more airy and welcoming.

Although generally white is believed to be neutral and color less but still it have the effects like any other color. White usually symbolizes purity, cleanliness and innocence. If you have any place in your home or office that is overcrowded and chaotic, placing white flowers there can help titivate the space and provide a much needed break for you from the mess. Placing white flowers in areas where you generally tend to relax, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, can provide a serene and soothing atmosphere to the room. Placing white flowers such as roses and iris’ in tight spaces can help bring a breath of fresh air into your living area.

Flowers can also be used as a means of linking and creating new bonds with others, making you less stressed about relationships. Welcome flowers into your life and experience the positive impact on your emotional well being!

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