Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for Long

Cut flowers are a great gift to get and to present too to someone. People like to receive and gift flowers but many people hesitate in getting flowers for themselves often because the factor is just one behind that is they do not last for long. Here are tips for you as to how you may make your different flowers stay for long.

To keep your roses fresh for long you can conserve your flowers in fridge for few hours, right after you buy them. Cut stems at sharp angle keeping them under water and letting water flow over it for about 3 minutes. Before you put the flowers in vase, soften the base of stem in the mint oil. Add either lemon drops or a little salt to the water in the vase. Take warm water as roses remain in good health in warm water. Use tall and full of water vase and after introducing your flowers in to the vase keep them at a cool dark place for around 24 hours. You can use disinfecting substance to avoid bacterial development and change the water daily.

Tulips can last from 8 to 10 days when kept as cut flowers. Tulips are unable to bear warmth and water deprivation at all. Put the flowers in cold without draught place in cold fresh water and do cut the white base of flowers under water before putting them in vase. You can put some stems of Tuia to maintain freshness of water and color of flowers. For this you can also put a metal coin into water. Keep the vase filled with water or wrap the flowers in paper else the stems will turn towards light to avoid Tulips declension.

If correct conditions are offered to Orchids they may last for 1 to 2 weeks and even more. 26 degrees is the temperature that is liked by orchid due to being an exotic flower. Before putting your flowers in vase you need to keep them in a cold place for 10 to 15 minutes. If you want to refresh your flowers cut the bottom of stems and put them in boiled water this would increase their resistance.

Daffodil cut flowers can live for 4 to 8 days. The daffodil stem excretes some substance that fastens the deterioration process. To avoid this cut the stem at very sharp angle about two inches above the bottom and either pass it through the fire or leave it for sometime in warm water.

The peony will be fresh when kept into the vase for 7 to 10 days. The cut flowers are conserved in a cold place for 24 hours without water and thereafter you’ll have to cut about 1 centimeter of the stem at bottom and put them in vase filled of warm water.

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