Make Flowers Last longer with These 7 Flower Care Tips

What can be more beautiful and mesmerizing than a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a lovely vase sited in your room? The mystic fragrance and brightened sight of a gift of flower bouquet sent by your loved ones can make your entire day. Sometimes while looking at these flowers, it feels like a breeze blowing through the hair. The way flowers simply lift up the mood with their artistic beauty is incredibly remarkable! Isn’t it?
But when these ultimate mood lifters start dying, we all wish if they could last a little longer; if there was a secret potion that could keep them from dying. Well, although there isn’t a potion that can keep them from wilting, there are certain ways that can make the fresh-cut flowers last a little longer:
1. Use a Crystal Clean Vase: 
Before placing your fresh cut flowers in the vase, make sure that it is absolutely clean. It is highly recommended to wash the vase with soap in hot water. Rinse it well and then place the flowers. Hot water helps in removing the microorganisms that can be present in the vase which can result in wilting of the flowers.

  1.  Always Treat The Water Well: 
    This is done to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water that can result in early dying of flowers. There are multiple ways of treating the water that will keep away the bacteria:
    • Add a few drops of vodka with 1 teaspoon of sugar, or
    • Add two tablespoons of sugar and apple cider vinegar in the water, or
    • Place a penny at the bottom of the vase
  2.  Remove The Excess Greens: 
    Before placing the flowers under the water, it is advisable to remove the excess leaves or any other greens from the bottom of the stem. You will notice that it not only prolongs the life of flowers but also keeps the water cleaner.
  3.  Be Cautious With The Stems: 
    Each flower has a different type of stem and each type might call for a different treatment. Therefore, it is important to have a detailed study of the same. However, the most basic way of cutting the flower stem is to do it under water, preferably, at an angle of 45 degree on a regular basis.
  4.  Make Use of Appropriate Tools: 
    This point needs to be given special attention. The household scissors aren’t as sharp and can affect the ability of the stem to absorb water. Therefore, it is advisable to use the tools specifically designed for flowers and plants.
  5.  Keep a Note of Temperature:
    Fresh cut flowers are meant to be kept at places that are comparatively cooler; keeping apart the exceptions such as the Bird of Paradise (they prefer a hot spot). This also means that these should be kept away from direct sunlight as it can have an impact on the delicate petals.
  6.  Add Preservatives to Water
    Even after the flowers are cut, they stay alive for sometime which undeniably is the reason why they stay fresh. Therefore, in order to make them last longer, add preservatives to the water which will provide flowers the necessary nutrients.
    Bonus Tip: It is also recommended that fresh cut flowers should also be kept away from ripening fruits or vegetables as they give off ethylene gas which is extremely toxic for flowers.
    So, now that you know these tips, you can make your fresh cut flowers last a little longer. If you ensure following them, you will certainly notice an increase in the life of your fresh cut flowers.
    Happy Flowering!

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