Lilies Delivery in USA

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is widely used in the floral arrangements as cut flower. There is a huge variety found all over the world for lilies in different colors and shapes. Lilies basically belong to the Asia but is now found and cultivated in all parts of the world. Its regal attractiveness, rich bloom and magnificent scent have fascinated the hearts of many, making the lily flower almost as popular as the rose.

Lily flowers are found in numerous colors and each of them brings out a different meaning to the world of human emotions. Lily is symbolically used to express purity and refined beauty. However, different colors and types can convey different meanings.

White lilies are pure flowers symbolizing virginity; Red lilies are a symbol of warmth and desire. Lilies represent wealth and prosperity, but are considered as a symbol of adolescence and acceptance, as well. Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty. As the lily symbolizes the innocence, beauty and purity so mixing it with the royal color will make it even greater presentation of royalty. Orange lilies are used for an extensive range of events like weddings, funerals, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgivings, and birthdays. The orange lily does not stand for joy and happiness; it stands for lesser nice feelings and meanings. Tiger lily is basically specie of orange and black lily. Tiger lily is often used in bridal bouquets too. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, pride and prosperity. Black lilies are symbol of death. It is also considered that black lilies are a symbol of lies.

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