How to Trim Your Lemon Tree

Lemon is the much liked citrus fruit through out the world. It is being used in all type of dishes, desserts and drinks. It has a certain tangy flavor that is loved in all different ways in which it is being used. Many people like to grow the lemon tree in their garden or yard because else than getting a tasty fruit the fragrance of the plant and its aroma that evolves in the surrounding air is very refreshing. There are many trees that require continuous trimming and care in this regard but lemon tree is easy to handle in this way as it does not require much of trimming in fact you just need to do some basic pruning of your plant once in a year or two. Although if you do it on regular basis it will be good because regular pruning and trimming help trees to remain light and produce more fruit. But, this pruning or trimming have to be done correctly in order to avoid any infection caused to the plant.

  1.  You will have to look for graft joint. This is the place anywhere one to two feet above the ground from where a new shoot is coming off. Any shoot growing from level under this should be immediately cut in order to save the quantity of fruits produced by your tree.
  2.  Than look for the branches that are crossing each other in the center. Actually the trimming is being done in order to let the air circulate well in between the stems and to let the light cross properly too. This result in better health of plant and more fruit produced. Crossing branches actually thinner the light that enters.
  3.  Actually you always have to trim the inner branches. Go for thinning your tree from inside. You can use hand shears or long handled shears for trimming your tree from inside. Always cut the thin crossing branches first and do remember to cut each branch at an angle. And keep moving around the tree while pruning so you remain sure that you are trimming your tree evenly.
  4.  There may sometimes grow thicker branches that shoot directly from the trunk and more than those that seems to be possible for plant to hold. Generally there are three many branches that grow from the trunk and from them shoot smaller branches that hold fruits than. Sometimes more main branches may stop the light passed on to the leaves and this would make the plant unhealthy. When such a situation arrives than is the need to cut the thick branch. It should be cut with the pruning saw at an angle only if required.
  5.  To let the light enter into the center of tree foliage you will need to trim the tree from the top. You will most probably need to use ladder in order to trim your plant from top and again cutting the crossed ones first.

This is the way how you should be trimming your lemon tree in order to keep it healthy and produce more fruits.

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