How to Arrange Wood Chips in the Backyard

It is important to note that trump grinding is one of the best ways of getting rid of stumps in your backyard and garden because of the many benefits associated with the process. It is way better than stump removal process which can leave your garden in total disarray. You only need to choose a reliable Arborist Sydney professional to clean up the place, and arrange the wood chips in the backyard to make it look more appealing. There is a process that the professional of your choice will follow and factor that will be considered in the due process. Here are some of the fundamentals;
1. Preparation
It is essential to prepare adequately prior to the commencement of the process in order to make it a success. An expert arborist will first pull out the weeds where the chips are to be placed and ensure that it is clean. Herbicides can be used in case there are many hard-to-eliminate weeds to ensure that they do not have time to grow. After, the designated areas shall be outlined in order to get arough estimate of the chips that will be required.
2. spreading the chips
The wood chips need to be spread evenly in areas that have been designated ensuring that they create a uniform layer. A good number of industry experts always ensure that the chips are about 2-3 inches thick in order to give better end results. Of course, in some areas where plants exist, the chips are always pulled about 6 inches away to allow for soil aeration. In cases of structure the chips always pulled away about 6 inches too so that moisture is not trapped leading to rot.
3. watering
Immediately after spreading the wood chips in designated areas and ensuring that they have they are of required thickness you should go ahead and water them immediately. This is vital for the prevention of water repelling fungal which in most cases is can cause damage to the whole chips. In fact, with watering you will be well placed to know areas that did not get enough wood chips and add more in those lacking.
4. Inspection periods
This is one of the most important stages that you can actually make your backyard retain its value or lose it within a short span of time. It is important to solicit the advice of expert Arborist Sydney who can periodically inspect the wood chips the first few days after they have been arranged. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the chances of your backyard being interfered with pests as well as weeds.
5. Coloring the chips
If you want your backyard to look stunningly beautiful you can always use colored wood chips that complement the surrounding areas and flowers on the plants. The one thing you should do is inquire from qualified Arborist Sydney professionals how best to go about the process. Do not leave anything to chance nor undertake the whole process by yourself as you might not have the necessary tools and equipment.

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