Getting Rid Of Moles in Yard through Household Remedies

There are certain challenges that one has to face if maintaining a lawn or a yard with beautiful flowers, plants or like to grow vegetable. There are number of animals, insects and mammals that make the life hell by intruding in the gardens and yards and destroying your beautiful landscape or your plants. Among all those animals moles are the ones from which so many of the people want to get rid specially those who have lush green grown grass and beautifully maintained. Moles are the furry mammals with paws and claws and they dig up the large grassy areas deep deep in to feed on the worms and snails underground. They are really difficult to get rid off through natural means and it becomes really difficult to force them off your gardens without harming or killing them. While there are some home remedies that can be utilized in order to drive moles away from your garden or yard with hurting or killing them.

  1.  Castor oil also discourages moles from coming to your garden and so the moles due to its smell will remain away. You may pour the castor oil in mole holes. But be careful while sprinkling it in your lawn because it may stop your grass to grow so better sprinkle it on out of the way paths to keep moles away and letting your grass remain undamaged.
  2.  Next thing that you can do is to drop some mothballs in your garden. Drop the mothballs in all those areas in your garden where you have observed the presence of moles or you may drop few of mothballs in the holes of moles that you see. Moles actually do not like the taste and smell of the mothballs and so they will find your garden as an unlikely place to stay and will move away from there.
  3.  The very easily another thing that you can do to keep moles away from your garden are that you can plant the mole plants that are daffodils and marigold. You can easily get both of these plants from nurseries or garden supplies stores and plant them around the perimeter of your garden or yard. If the soil in your garden is not supportive to provide proper nutrients for these plants you may get the top soil bag suitable for growth of these plants and mix it with your soil. These plants smell and taste unattractive to moles and so they remain away from the place.
  4.  Well one more thing that you can do is to finish off the things for what moles come to your lawns and yards. That is get rid of worms and grubs from your soil for which the moles dig deep down your garden and just ruin it all. So a very easy way to get rid of worms is to sprinkle the cornmeal in you’re your lawn. This will make worms move away from your lawn for finding out moisture environment. Cornmeal is easily obtainable at any grocery store in your area.
  5.  Increase the amount and time you spend to water your lawn. Moles do not like to come to come to waterlogged paths and they will dig deeper to cross the part of your lawn or yard to land at some other place.

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