Getting Plant from Seeds

Whenever one plans to make a garden be it a passion about growing vegetables or its about growing the decorative plants for the beds you got specially designed in a way that would make it an inspiring garden for nature lovers once the pants and flowers would be on full boom. In both the cases it is much less expensive to start the garden with seeds instead of buying the seedlings. Moreover a great much variety is available in seeds as compared to the seedlings available. It is really a job of big patience when it comes to prepare seeds for sprouting. There needs to be proper care and planning required in order to getting the seeds ready for planting in garden before the right time arrives. Early spring is the most appropriate time for starting the seeds because by the time the last spring freeze passes your seeds are ready to be planted outdoor. Here are the steps as to how you should be dealing with the seeds.

  1.  The very first thing you need to do is to get the seedling flats which should be than filled with the quality soil-free potting mix. These soil-free potting mixes are light and provide with just the right ingredients required for seed starting.
  2.  Now you have to moisten the potting mix but it should never get damp with water. Moisten means that it should be a little wet and there should be same level of moistening in the whole mix. You can both pour water from top and wait till the water drains out till the bottom so the mix is all moistened, or you may fill the bottom tray and allow the mix with sometime to absorb the water till the top.
  3.  Now plant the medium and large sized seeds in the depth that is double of their width and leave the space of around two inches all the way around the seeds. Make channels in the mix through pencil spacing each of these 2 inches apart too. Now sprinkle the small seeds in these furrows and than gently press in the soil with something that is not sharp or like from back of the spoon.
  4.  Now your seedling tray is ready cover it with the plastic wrap to preserve the moisture from loosing during the germination process. Now tray will have to be placed at a warm place the temperature should be maintained at 70 to 75 degree Fahrenheit. Alternatively you may use the heat mats and keep the temperature at 75 Fahrenheit.
  5.  It will take 7 to 14 days till you will notice the seedlings emerging and after that you will have to remove the plastic wrap. Now reduces the heat mat temperature to 70 degree Fahrenheit. Now you will have to place the tray under the grow light that will be positioned three inches above the seedlings.
  6.  You will have to keep the soil moist in order to avoid the soil from getting dry and keep the growing lights on for 12 hours a day so the moistening does not cause any fungal diseases to seedlings.
  7.  Now plants will be transplanted in the pots which should be filled with the same moistened soil mix. The plants should be transplanted once they have grown the second set of their leaves. Take care of planting them in the same depth as was in the tray.

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