Garlic Plant for Controlling Insects

There are different plants that help in keeping the different insects and animals away from your yard and garden. Garlic is also one of those plants as if you are going to plant the garlic with some other plant it will remain safe from the invasion of harmful insects. Garlic and garlic plant both are very beneficial in order to keep insects away from other plants. Garlic spray is also used sometimes by many gardeners to spray over their plants to keep the insects away from destroying their plants. But putting a garlic plant means you can deter the harmful insects in an organic manner without causing any harm to insects and to your plants both. Garlic is so strongly recommended for this purpose because it secures most of the flowers, vegetables, shrubs and some trees even from the invasion of these deadly critters.

How to Use Garlic for Controlling Pests

  • All the rose cut flower growers and even the home gardeners you can keep your roses saved from all insects including aphids by planting a garlic plant in your flower bed. These are the small critters that gather on leaves, stems and buds of roses and suck the juice from the plant. All you have to do is to take a sleek leave of garlic plant and tie it to the stem of rose bush. This will for sure keep all the insects and aphids from attacking your rose plant.
  • Plant garlic among vegetables in your yard and see all your vegetables flourishing and their taste enhancing. Plant garlic with pepper and tomatoes and red spider mites won’t be invading your vegetables and moreover the taste of pepper and tomatoes both will be enhanced. Other vegetables like broccoli, spinach and cabbage will be saved from worms, slugs, snails and caterpillars if garlic plant will be planted among them. Even the Colorado potato beetles will not be attacking your potatoes that actually grow underground. So this is easiest solution of all too organically save your vegetables form any insects and pests.
  • You can make the garlic spray at home, peel the garlic and take about 6 to7 cloves of it and crush them to add in a container that can hold a gallon of water. Add a tablespoon of cayenne, one teaspoon of ivory soap and one small minced onion. Do only use ivory soap because it does not contain any chemical while other soaps do so it is safer to sue in your garden. Now cover the container and leave it for two days to sit. After this strain all the mixture and pour the water in the spray bottle this can be kept for weeks and you can spray it time to time on your plants. Do spray every time after rainstorm to ensure that they remain saved from all types of bugs.
  • If you want to get rid of slugs, snails and Japanese beetles from your garden just simply make garlic tea that is going to have just garlic and water and the rest of things should be omitted from the spray about which have been told above. Prepare it the same way keep it for two days and than strain and pour it on ground around plants and you’ll see the magical effect your garden will be clear of all those critters.


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