Flowers & Wedding Anniversaries

Generally many people believe that anniversaries are actually meant as wedding anniversaries. But basically it is any celebration of any notable event, now it can be a wedding, death, solemn events, establishment or start of something like business or kingship etc. Yes but the wedding anniversary is the most commonly celebrated anniversary worldwide. Flowers are the most common gift given over wedding anniversaries and specially the spouses like to gift flowers to each other over anniversaries to express their feelings because than romance is always incomplete without flowers. Flowers just sound perfect on any anniversary be it a wedding anniversary to cherish the moments for the couple or for delivering your sympathies on a death anniversary for the suffering family.

Wedding anniversaries are the moments deserving special celebrations each year to revive, refresh and strengthen the bond between the couple. Different milestones of wedding life are denominated with precious stones and metals like;

  •  4th Wedding anniversary is called Books Wedding Anniversary
    •    8th wedding anniversary is called Bronze wedding anniversary
    •    10th wedding anniversary is called Aluminum wedding anniversary
    •    12 ½ years celebrated in some European countries and this is called as Copper wedding anniversary
    •    25th anniversary as known by all is called Silver Jubilee
    •    50th anniversary is called Golden Jubilee of wedding
    •    75th anniversary is known as Platinum Jubilee and
    •    100th anniversary is known as Diamond Jubilee.

(There are some distinctions found in these stones and metals associated to years of anniversary as In USA 75th anniversary is usually called the Diamond Jubilee)

The flowers associated to different wedding anniversaries are:

  •  1st Wedding Anniversary        Carnation/Pansies
    •    2nd Wedding Anniversary         Cosmos
    •    3rd Wedding Anniversary         Fuchsia
    •    4th Wedding Anniversary        Geraniums
    •    5th Wedding Anniversary        Daisies
    •    6th Wedding Anniversary        Calla Lilies
    •    7th Wedding Anniversary        Jack-in-the-pulpit
    •    8th Wedding Anniversary        Clematis
    •    9th Wedding Anniversary        Poppies
    •    10th Wedding Anniversary        Daffodils
    •    11th Wedding Anniversary         Morning Glory
    •    12th Wedding Anniversary         Peonies
    •    13th Wedding Anniversary         Hollyhocks
    •    14th Wedding Anniversary         Dahlias
    •    15th Wedding Anniversary         Roses
    •    20th Wedding Anniversary         Day Lilies
    •    25th Wedding Anniversary         Iris
    •    28th Wedding Anniversary         Orchids
    •    30th Wedding Anniversary         Sweet Pea
    •    40th Wedding Anniversary         Nasturtiums
    •    50th Wedding Anniversary         Violets

Here was some information related to the flowers and the Wedding anniversaries celebrated worldwide.

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