Flowers & Classes of People

Flowers their classes and their colors all hold so vast array of meanings and representations that nothing in this world would exist that could not be depicted through the flowers. There are so many flowers in the world that they can not even be all known. Each flower and plant has different species in hundreds of numbers and colors and shapes. There are some flowers like orchids that have species more than thousand. Like each color of flower says something and different feelings and messages could be delivered through that the same way the different classes of humans can be depicted through different classes of flowers. Here is the short list of as to what classes of flowers represent certain classes of people.

Palms are used to represent princesses


Grasses depict blue-collar class.


Lilies present the aristocratic class.


Herbs are to represent the Nobles’ class.


Trees represent notables.


Ferns classify the Colonizers or immigrants.


Mosses are the class of plants that symbolizes servants.


Sea ware class of plants denotes bond slaves.


Mushrooms signify the wanderers.


Isn’t it just amazing that even there are certain classes of plants that classify the classes of people and many people knowing this are used to plant their homes and gardens with the plants that are in relation to the class they hold in society?

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