Flower Food Ingredients

Flowers are loved by people all around the world but to get those flowers that cherish the moments and deliver the messages from people’s hearts are not so easy to be availed. Definitely, it is easy for us to go to a flower shop and than pay some money to buy the flowers to give to our loved ones the real hard work lies behind the scene. Yes there is a lot of energy and hard work of farmers that lies behind these beautiful flowers. In this hard work the food provided to flowers also play a vital role. The flower food is like a fertilizer that is used to boost the number and size f flowers on the plant. Most of the flower foods are made up of three main nutrients phosphate (P), Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K).  These three nutrients are called macro nutrients and the rest one or two nutrients are micro-nutrients. Macro-nutrients and their ratio are mentioned over the front of container while the micro-nutrient details are mention usually at the back.


The first macro-nutrient in flowers food is Nitrogen it is really important because it helps in production of chlorophyll. It also plays its role in leave and stem growth and plants use nitrogen most as compared to other nutrients. The sign of lack of nitrogen in plant is the yellowing of foliage because less of chlorophyll is formed and plants derive their green color through it.


Phosphate is the number two nutrient in the list of macro-nutrients over fertilizer. Phosphate is important for seed germination, root growth and food growth too. Wilted foliage with purple shade is the sign of lack of phosphate faced by the plant.


It is important for production of sugar, starches and proteins in plants. It helps plant in fighting with factors like drought, pollution, diseases and other such factors that may harm the flower plants. When there are signs of increased disease attacks, reduced growth and poor drought tolerance than this means the potassium needed by plant is not supplied to it.


The flower foods contain one or two micro nutrients and they are usually iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, sulfur and boron. All of the micro nutrients are added in accordance to the need of particular flower plant.

Piece of Advice:

Do get your soil tested from some laboratory before you apply any flower food so you apply only that fertilizer that includes the nutrients missing in your soil.

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