Flower Designs

There is a large range of flower designs for the decoration of your office and home as they are the two ideal places to inject your motivational energy in. The art of flower arranging has existed for generations as there are no limits to creativity. Anyone at your place will feel encouraged to see the show of an up-shooting spray of flowers in sensuous colors. So from a simple arrangement formed by picking and placing wildflowers in a vase to ikebana, the traditional, complicated Japanese art, there is a wide collection of ideas for floral designs. Basically there are three types of flowers that are involved in making a floral design i.e. line flowers, face flowers and Filler flowers. The size and shape of a floral design depends on the usage of these flowers.

  1. Line flowers are usually firm and tall, with straight stems and multiple showy blooms. These serve to give your floral design height, width, and a balanced look.
  2. Face flowers are round and full faced blooms that add mass and color to your flower arrangement. These easily gain the attention of the viewer. Face flowers add stability to a floral design.
  3. Filler flowers actually cover gaps in the flower design and help to give it a fuller look. These flowers also visually connect mass and line flowers this is why filler flowers are inserted after line and face flowers into the arrangement.

There are three things that must be considered when making a flower design. First, the type of flowers and foliage at hand (whether they are fresh, dried, or fabricated).Second, the size and shape of container and third, the place where you intend to put the arrangement.

Basic Shapes of Floral Designs:
There are five basic shapes of floral arrangements. So far these shapes have enabled us to create an endless variety of floral designs. The five main shapes with which floral arrangements can be designed are horizontal, circle/round, vertical, fan and triangular.

Horizontal Shape: 
Horizontal arrangements are most often used as centerpieces. The style has long low lines that are parallel to the surface on which they sit… A horizontal flower arrangement has long low lines and the length is usually 2 times the height of the arrangement. Horizontal arrangements can be symmetrical as well as asymmetrical but a classic horizontal arrangement is always symmetrical, which means both the sides mirror each other.
This shape is restful and appears very stable.

Round Shape:
A round shape flower design works best when you want to feature several different types of mass, form and filler flowers in the same place. The round floral design is beautiful from all sides because all the flowers radiate from a central point.

Vertical Shape:
This contemporary shape makes more of a garden-style design that may feature a variety of flowers that look just-picked from the garden. These suits more to be placed on floor to please the nature lovers or avid gardeners.

Fan Shape:
The fan arrangement has the shape of a fan. In this shape flowers with long and strong stems are used. It helps you make any floral design there, like a Hogarth’s Curve, but still maintain the fan shape.

Triangular Shape:
A triangular shape is nowadays considered to be old fashioned but the usage of deep colored or brighter blooms give the floral design an interesting look.

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