Facts about flowers

Every flower holds a complete story in itself. All the flowers around us have their language and it is the language of flowers that actually help out the humans to delivery their feelings and emotions to their loved ones no matter how or what they feel. No matter if it is about expressing
love, hatred,happiness or sympathy everything can be just said through flowers very easily without saying even a single word.Usually flowers are given in bunch either of one type of flower or sometimes people even choose the combination of different flowers. It is not necessary that when a bunch of different flowers is given it will deliver the separate message that each of the flower holds. There are some particular meanings and messages that are associated to them.  Flowers may be combined and arranged so as to express even the nicest shades of sentiment.

  • Moss Rosebud and Myrtle – A confession of love
  • Mignonette and Colored Daisy – Your qualities surpass your charms of beauty
  • Mignonette and Sweet Basil – Love & Health
  • Lily of the Valley and Ferns – Your unconscious sweetness has fascinated me
  • Yellow Rose, Broken Straw and Ivy – Your jealousy has broken our friendship
  • Scarlet Geranium, Passion Flower, Purple Hyacinth & Arbor Vitae – I trust you will find consolation, through faith, in your sorrow; be assured of my unchanging friendship
  • Columbine, Day Lily, Broken Straw, Witch Hazel & Colored Daisy – Your folly and coquetry have broken the spell of your beauty
  • White Pink, Canary Grass & Laurel – Your talent and perseverance will win you glory
  • Golden-rod, Monkshead, Sweet Pea & Forget-me-not – Be cautious; danger is near; I depart soon; forget me not.
  • Cypress and Marigold – Despair
  • Twine a laurel leaf around the bouquet to say “I am”
  • Add a leaf of Virginia creeper to suggest  “I offer you”

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