Drying Flowers with Desiccant

People often love to dry their flowers so they may save them as the memory of good times or sometimes just because they love the beauty brought by the dry flowers arrangements. There are number of ways through which flowers are being dried mostly many people prefer using some material that can absorb the moisture from the flowers making them get dried. Borax powder, fine sand, silica gel, cornmeal and all other such materials used in drying flowers are basically the desiccants that help in drying flowers quickly. The best amongst all is silica gel because it has the shortest drying time and also helps in retaining the color of flower. There are many silica gels available that change their color to indicate that flowers are dried. Whatever the material used the basic method of drying is same and is explained here under.


  • Choose the best quality flowers that are not damaged anyway. Till the time you keep your flowers before drying keep stems in water so they do not wilt.
  • You can remove the stems off the flowers if you want and can add the floral wires to support your flower heads.
  • Now choose the container that you want to use for drawing your flowers and fill it about an inch high with the desiccant of your choice. If you are using silica gel than, be sure that you use the airtight lidded container because silica gel absorb moisture from air.


  • Now arrange your flowers over the desiccant in any position you want upright, downward or sideways, just take care that they should not bend or flop because that’s how they will appear after drying.
  • Preserving same type of flowers together at same time will make the drying time same. Do not let your flowers overlap each other while arranging on desiccant.
  • Now cover all flowers with the desiccant by gently sprinkling it over flowers. Tap the container softly and sprinkle the desiccant again if any part of flower becomes visible. Use toothpick or any other such tool to reposition your flowers if needed. Cover the container with lid if using silica gel.
  • Softly tilt the container and try to check the petal of flower if they have dried or still soft. If they are soft more time is needed for drying if papery than they have dried.
  • When all your flowers have dried and you want to remove them tilt your container gently to make desiccant fall away and than remove the flowers from the container gently.

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