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Kitchen is a place where women spend a big time of their day. Especially the housewives or the women of eastern countries do serve most part of their day time in kitchens. So why not just work over making kitchen a better and attractive place when you’ve to spend such long hours there? Here are some tips as to how you can just bring in brightness and vibrancy to your kitchen by bringing in and arranging some beautiful bright flowers in containers uniquely. This will broadly affect the mood of women and will not make them feel tired or bored while working in kitchen.

  •  Try keeping an arrangement in your kitchen made up of different flowers. For this do keep in consideration the scale and texture. Mix the large headed blooms with small blooms when you pick the flowers to arrange in your container. Large headed blooms like sunflowers, peonies, hydrangea and dahlias can be mixed up with small blooms. Belles or delphinium can also be added with sweet peas.
  •  Well you can go for a “monobotanic” floral arrangement too. That is getting the flowers of same type in different colors. Like you can get roses in different colors and if you want to make it elegant go for all lighter shades like pink, white and peach. Else than roses you can take lilies, gerbera daisies or tulips because they also come in different colors so would go well for this type of arrangement. If these flowers will be placed in big jug, pale or coffee tin this is going to make it more impactful.
  •  If it’s about making a unique floral arrangement for your kitchen that is simple yet appearing very catchy than go for mixing some everyday flowers with the showoffs ones. Like mix daisies, carnations and mums with roses, peonies and ranunculus.

There are so many spots in kitchen that you may find perfect for your kitchen floral arrangements. Make you kitchen a wonder by adding flowers to it and treat yourself with the refreshing day coming up as you will be all freshened up as soon as you’ll enter your kitchen for making breakfast.

Have a nice experience adding flowers to your kitchen!!!!!!!!

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