Cutting Flower Stems with Knife

When people love to grow flowers in their gardens working hard over plants they off course like to see those flowers arranged beautifully in vases inside their homes too. If you really want to bring those colors in your home than choose for the most bright and vibrant colored blossoms at the peak time of blossoming in your garden. Once you have cut those flowers off the plant and brought them indoors now you need to take more care of them and handle them with care so they may last for longer time to cherish you.

  1.  When you go out to cut the flowers take a bucket full of warm water with you and as soon as you cut the flowers immediately place them in the bucket. Keep the bucket near to you and out of direct sunlight when you are out.
  2.  You should always cut flowers off your plants at early time of the day. Choose the flowers for cutting that have just started to bloom and are very fresh in perfect condition. You

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