Chemically Drying Peony Flower

Peony flowers are often coveted for their longevity. Peonies are herbaceous perennials. The peonies you plant in your garden could in fact see your family through generations! There are about thirty species of peony, most being herbaceous while some, the tree peony, are more like a shrub. Peonies are hardy flowering plants that need little care and live through severe winters. Peonies are 6- to 8-inch-wide flowers found in red, pink or white colors. As beautiful and long-lasting as these flowers are in the garden, preserving peony flowers by drying them allows that beauty to be enjoyed for years to come.

  •  Cut the peony flower from your garden in the mid-morning before the flowers are fully bloomed and too open. Cut the stem leaving around 3 inches long stem with the flower and remove all leaves off it. If you find the petals wet, dry them out gently with paper towel.
    •    Now you will have to make a mixture of borax powder and cornmeal or sand. Take one part of borax and 5 parts of either cornmeal or sand. Now take a deep plastic container and form a one inch high layer of the mixture in the base of container.
    •    Now arrange peony flowers in container in upside down position over the borax mixture. Now very softly pour more mixture over the flowers in a way that they get covered completely. Now you will have to keep your container in a cool dark place like in a closet or basement.
    •    After the time of one week take a flower or two out of the mixture and check if they have dried completely. If you feel that petals are somewhat soft or moist than they needed to be left for drying for some more time. Check back flowers for being dried completely after a week or two.
    •    Now as your flowers are dry and you have to take them out of the container you will need to be very careful as drying out flowers make them very delicate. So take flowers out softly and shake them a little to remove any mixture left on them. Still if you find some particles of mixture on flowers, use soft paint brush to remove it and than use the dried flowers in making a beautiful floral arrangement.

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