Arranging Fresh Flowers

Fresh flower arrangements add color, fragrance and style to any venue. Here’s how to make a beautiful fresh flower arrangement to gift friends and family or to decorate your own home. A colorful arrangement does not only add warmth to your home but also brighten a dark corner or room. Here are some tips on how to arrange fresh cut flowers.

1) Whether you purchase cut flowers, grow your own or gather them from a field, select blooms that are firm and plump, with clean, unbroken stems. You can tell just by looking at them if the flowers are healthy or not.

2) The size of the flowers must be according to the size of the vase, basket, or container in which your arrangement will be placed and make sure that the height of the tallest stem is one and a half times the width of the base of the container.

3) Use flowers and foliage with different shapes, colors and textured for filling up the space between the flowers. In this course these shapes would be very suitable – line material (straight leaves, such as Iris leaves, Bear Grass, Chromium, and flowers such as Liatris, Foxtail Lilies, etc), generally used as the outline of your design; rounded materials (such as Carnations, open Roses, Gerberas, etc.), generally used as the focal flowers; and intermediate or filler materials, (such as Gypsophila, Wax flower, small, ferny foliage)to make a combination between the other materials .To add more interest to your design arrange the stems in such a way that the smallest flower or bud is at the top, and the biggest at the bottom.

4) Make sure that your floral arrangement is an eye appealing one by balancing all the colors evenly. It is wise to use a primary color like Yellow as well as a color scheme for the arranging the flowers. When using open flowers such as Roses, Daffodils, Gerbera, etc., set them on different angles to show a different shape. All the flowers should not be facing in the same direction.

5) Use flowers in different stages of development, from bud to full bloom. When buying or picking fresh flowers always look for a nice tight bud. Buds that are just breaking and are showing color too are perfect. The centre is always adorned with the largest fullest flowers and Half-open flowers are set anywhere between the buds and the full flower.

6)  Provide enough space between the flowers and never overcrowd them. This also allows the flowers to long last.

7) You may use either the blade of the scissors or a vegetable knife to remove the thorns on the flowers.  The stamens on lilies are also to be removed for two reasons. Firstly, they stain anything they come in contact with and secondly removing the stamens adds to the life of the flower. But remember not to cut off the stamens with scissors. Instead use your fingers to pull the stamens off and prevent discoloration.

Useful hints:
•    Fresh cut daffodils can cause the other flowers to wilt earlier be careful when putting them with other flowers.
•    For a fresh scent add peppermint to your cut flower arrangement.
•    When arranging gardenias and stephanotis, always wet your hands first, the oil from your hands will turn the flowers brown.

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