A Guide to save your expenses on Wedding Bouquets

The wedding is a momentous occasion in everyone’s lives. All of the invites want that the wedding should be a memorable experience for the bride and groom. There are many options which you can present. One way of making it special is to give an elegant and attractive bouquet to the bride and groom. Many people correlate attributes such as elegance, freshness and eye appealing to expensive bouquets only, but this doesn’t necessarily hold true.
There are many ways you can present wonderful bouquets which would surely bring a smile on the face of groom or bride. Here we will let you know some ways, on how you can arrange beautiful bouquets for the people involved in the wedding.
1. Specify your budget to the florist: An important step in the beginning, is to define your budget clearly. If the budget is near about 20 dollars, it will give an idea to your florist about adding other significant elements of the bouquet, which will help to make it as attractive as possible within your specified budget.
2. Don’t get fixated on specific colour: Although you may have a desire for a particular colour for the various elements of your bouquet, it’s important to have an open mind about experimenting with different colours of other items. Many unusual colours are also visually appealing and when combined with few other things, can make a bouquet look exquisite.
3. Exchanging flowers from your yard with florist: This is an excellent way of keeping your costs low, while at the same time allowing you to trade relatively expensive flowers from your florist within your limited budget.
4. Look for many florists: Even if you don’t find a flower delivery company to provide you with a bouquet within your budget, there are plenty available, who will be willing to negotiate costs or at the least, will be able to provide other unique arrangements of the bouquet for your price. Here, friends and family come handy. Be willing to take their help and they might know someone, who will fit within your budget and requirements.
5. Do it yourself: This may seem tedious and time-consuming to do if you aren’t familiarized with the process but is a sure-fire way of keeping your expenses down significantly. All you have to do is gather few flowers, filler, sparkle and other desired elements of your choice and then arrange them in order of your particular wish. You can also experiment multiple times with the order of arrangement until your bouquet looks good enough to be presented as a gift.
6. Order online: Bouquets ordered online are relatively less expensive compared to the ones from your local market florists. Often e-commerce sites provide discounts on such items on multiple occasions in a year. You may have to search a bit until you find the one matching your budget and colour range. Additionally, it also comes with proper packing thus saving you from the hassle of packaging it elegantly.
7. Ask for help: If being creative is your concern, you can always ask your closed ones to help you out. Alternatively, you can take help from people who have a similar experience.
8. Use artificial Flowers: Real, fresh flowers are expensive. You can opt for artificial ones. Even though they may not appeal equivalent to the real flowers, they do look very much authentic and when combined with few decorative items, are very much a perfect replacement for the real flowers in the bouquet.
9. Use second-hand decor items: Second-hand floral arrangements are cheap and can be easily purchased. Many florists provide it or you can also ask from friends or acquaintances who got recently married.
10. Buy In season flowers: They are healthy alternatives to seasonal flowers which are costly. Fresh and vibrant in season flowers are much better choice than out of expensive season flowers. Long hours of shipping and inhospitable environment alter their appearance.Apart from that, they have to be ordered quite early to reach on time.
11.Choose a venue needing less floral arrangement: When looking for a place, it’s a good idea to opt for the one, which already has flowers in abundance along with the natural scenery.That will require less expenditure on flowers for decoration.

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