Drying Flowers with Desiccant

People often love to dry their flowers so they may save them as the memory of good times or sometimes just because they love the beauty brought by the dry flowers arrangements. There are number of ways through which flowers are being dried mostly many people prefer using some material that can absorb the moisture… Continue reading Drying Flowers with Desiccant

More Popular Flowers

Through generations, flowers have been used to convey sentiments. The popularity of flowers may vary from country to country, culture to culture and occasion to occasion. Popular flowers in America: Roses:Roses are perhaps the most popular flowers in America, and are available in countless varieties which include tea roses, climbing roses, long stem roses, and… Continue reading More Popular Flowers

Caring Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are the perfect showstopper blooms as there are multiple blooms grown on one single stem providing with the best cut flowers to put in your vase. Who do not want to preserve the flowers kept in their home for long? With proper care for Dendrobium Orchids, they can last for around two weeks… Continue reading Caring Dendrobium Orchids

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Valentines Day and Roses

Valentines Day the day for all the people around the world to celebrate and express their love is all up. 14th February is the day that is celebrated each year by all the men and women in the world to express their love for their soul mates. When ever we listen about Valentines Day the… Continue reading Valentines Day and Roses