Sending Flowers To A Man

It is generally believed in fact better to say that wrongly believed by many people that flowers are an appropriate gift for women and not much liked by men. This is truly a very wrong concept because as much as the men like to send flowers to women over any occasion the same is their… Continue reading Sending Flowers To A Man

Types of Passion Flowers

Now there are some amazing plants and trees from which you can have double advantage as you can have both fruit and beautiful flowers from them. Passionflower plant is one of those which have very delicious fruits and as there are hundreds of different species so the types of fruit and flowers differ too in… Continue reading Types of Passion Flowers

Mother's Day flowers

Mothers are the most precious person in anyone’s life because that love that we get from our mothers is always unconditional. We can be sure that when whole world will leave us the one person who will stand beside us no matter what is going to be the mother. Although we should be expressing our… Continue reading Mother's Day flowers

Ways to Make Flowers & Fruits Centerpieces

Flowers and fruits baskets have been used as center pieces since long ago in history but this has now become something too traditional. We can bring big changes by doing something creative with these traditional centerpieces styles. Mostly the flowers are being used as centerpieces during parties and weddings or on other events or sometimes… Continue reading Ways to Make Flowers & Fruits Centerpieces

Flowers and Art

Art is a term that could be best explained as the expression of creativity or imagination. Various forms of art may include visual arts and designing, plastic arts, decorative arts, and the performing arts. In addition, painting, drawing, sculpture, literature, printmaking, dance, drama, and architecture are the most widely recognized forms of art. Modern technology… Continue reading Flowers and Art

Interesting Facts About Roses

Interesting Facts:  There are more than 15,000 different types of rose species and cultivated varieties worldwide.  On Valentine’s Day in 2008, a monstrous 214 million roses were sold in the United States. 59% of them were red.  The Japanese firm Suntory spent 18 years of research to do what was long thought impossible: creating blue… Continue reading Interesting Facts About Roses

What Flowers Mean?

Flowers have a universal language that let the messages be delivered from one person to another without any language barriers. Every flower in itself holds a very different meaning and delivers a different message from your side. There’s nothing that can remain unsaid when flowers are your language and messenger. Is it your love for… Continue reading What Flowers Mean?